Battery Man services range from testing current car batteries

Battery Man is a 30 plus year old company operating out of Pietermaritzburg. Whatever your needs are regarding car batteries Durban, they are the people to see. The backbone of their company has undoubtedly been their remote services. This business model has proven that customers prefer to have reliable professionals come to them to have their car batteries Durban needs be solved. Battery Man services range from testing current car batteries, installing new ones if needed and taking away the old battery for safe disposal at their company site.

Battery Man considers themselves specialists in all types of car batteries and boy do they deliver. All car battery types from huge trucks to mini cars can be purchased from them. Not only that, but they will install it for you as well, at no added cost to you. Customers of Battery Man are also able to purchase guarantees on the car batteries Durban at an interval that suits them.

The car batteries supplied by the company are all sourced locally so customers do not have to wonder if they are purchasing inferior quality imported items. This superiority ensures that their car batteries Durban will last much longer than the anticipated 5 year term. Even if you do not want to purchase new car batteries Durban, they can be utilized to ensure that current batteries are in top form. Their services when it comes to car batteries Durban are twofold. The first thing that our highly trained staff will see to is the car battery itself. The physical as well as running condition is tested. The second is the alternator.


This is the component which produces energy and sends it to the car battery. Car batteries Durban do not have a set amount of power within, which when used mean the battery will have to be replaced. Instead it is the job of the alternator to produce this power which will then be stored in the car battery waiting to be used. The rate of charging is important here as too little power will decrease the power output in the vehicle causing slower starting and dimmer headlights. It is vital that someone with a full understanding of car batteries Durban attempt to do an inspection. First of all, they would know what to look for.

Secondly, they would have background knowledge on how to best take the safety precautions. If owners do want to see that all is good then there is one basic maintenance factor that can be done. A baking soda and water concentrate can clean out any rust from the car battery. Ensure that the vehicle is switched off and there are no open flames or even a small spark anywhere nearby. Wear some safety goggles and gloves and pour the mixture over the vehicle. Anything beyond this should be left to the experts. The acids inside of car batteries Durban are so dangerous that when they leak they can cause pollution to the environment. Just imagine what would happen if this explodes at close range next to exposed skin.