Kevin Devoto Limo: Miami’s Longstanding Luxury Favorite

This year marks 19 years of operation for Kevin Devoto Limo of Miami. The company, which was founded in 1998, has become a stalwart in the luxury car hire industry in Florida.

Company founder and CEO Kevin Devoto spoke of the firm’s success on the eve of the 19th anniversary, “Obviously our initial operation in 1998 was only a small fraction of our current capacity, but our companies ingredients have never changed: punctuality, professional drivers, and top of the range cars. People who are looking to spend money on a top class service expect for their experience to be perfect. When I started Kevin Devoto Limo I knew that I had to ensure every customer’s experience was positive. The luxury car industry is extremely competitive in a city like Miami, and therefore we had to fight tirelessly to build our reputation from the onset.”

Devoto’s  tireless fight sure paid off – the company has become the go-to car hire firm in Miami. Substantial and consistent investment is made to their fleet of cars in order to ensure that state-of-the-art options are always available to clients seeking a first class experience. “Our fleet of luxury vehicles is second to none in the Florida luxury car industry. We are constantly updating our fleet with new top-class cars so that we maintain our edge in the industry. Our clients enjoy the choice of brand new town cars, Escalade limos, stretch limos, and Hummer limos. There isn’t a function or event that we cannot cater to,”Devoto noted.

While the past 19 years have been full of success for Kevin Devoto Limo, the firm has their eyes set firmly on the future. They have expanded their services into Orlando, Key West, and Tampa in order to satisfy demand for luxury vehicles outside of Miami. In addition, they have begin to offer out-of-state trips for clients seeking to take a luxury chauffeured vehicles to other major cities outside of Florida. “We’re really aiming to be able offer any type of service for our Florida based customers. We’ve expanded into other major Floridian cities and we’ve began offering out-of-state travel to customers seeking a unique inter-state traveling experience,”Devoto said.


Kevin Devoto Limo has developed a reputation for being the top choice amongst Miami residents looking for luxury transportation for their weddings. The firm, which was founded in 1998, has over 19 years of experience providing first class experiences for clients on their wedding days. The company’s reputation for extreme professionalism has made them a reliable option for people seeking to avoid mishaps on their special day. Firm founder Kevin Devoto believes his company’s large market share is down to years of hard work ensuring their client’s every demand is met.

Devoto expanded on why his company has been able to achieve such reputable success in the wedding market, “Weddings have always been one of our main sources of business. People want to enjoy a hassle-free luxury service on their wedding day and we are able to provide that to our customers. It is imperative that your transportation is professional and punctual on you wedding day, and Kevin Devoto can guarantee your luxury car hire will be seamless and on time.”

The company doesn’t only offer limos and luxury cars for weddings, they are able to cater to events or requirements of any kind. Other popular services include bachelor parties, concerts, conferences, funerals, and nights out. “We pride ourselves on being able to cater to any event that a client may bring to us. We have different cars and services for almost any set of requirements,”Devoto said.

Kevin Devoto Limo boasts an impressive fleet of luxury vehicles which includes town cars, Hummer limos, Escalade limos, and stretch limos. The firm is constantly updating their fleet in order to ensure they have Miami’s most state of the art range of vehicles. “Many of our competitors infrequently update their range; they often advertise their latest models but if demand is high you will be forced to settle for a lesser vehicle on the day of your event. Kevin Devoto Limo leads its competition in providing the newest and most state-of-the-art vehicles for its customers,”Devoto explained.

If you or someone you know may be interested in any of the premium services that Kevin Devoto Limo can offer, please head to their URL at: Alternatively, you can contact a customer service representative directly at: (440) 255-9159.