Liberty Automotive Protections Customer Centered Investments Pay Off

Liberty Automotive Protection has recently seen a pay off on substantial investments made on increasing customer engagement. The firm has seen considerable growth in their business since shifting their priorities as a firm.

The company released a statement after strong growth reports this quarter, “For a long time we have been operating efficiently as a business, but we knew we had a lot of room for growth in our current market. Our consumer service agreements are some of the most competitive on the market and so we were having a hard time understanding why some of our competitors with inferior products were beating us to customers. We then reassessed our approach and began to appeal to customers directly through an enhanced agent base and greater customer service abilities on the after-purchase side. We believed word of mouth would then ensure that we were able to increase our customer base – it has paid off substantially.”


The company’s additional investment paid off – Liberty Automotive Protection has recently been awarded with a Triple B rating from the Better Business Bureau. The firm is extremely excited to have been awarded with a Triple B as it has shown the marked response their investment has garnered from clients. “We believe that our focus on after-purchase customer relationships is the direct cause of our increase in rating with the BBB. We have enhanced our response times to claims – as well as customer access to our service teams when enquiries are needed. This has meant that clients have gained a true appreciation for how much our company values them,”a spokesperson responded.

The Better Business Bureau is non profit consumer protection agency that aides consumers in clarifying the reliability of a particular firm. They curate an online database of reliable businesses by allowing customers to review firms they have transacted with. This has made them the largest publicly accessible consumer protection agency in the country. In addition, customers can lodge complaints about firms and have them mediated by the BBB directly.

The firm also invested heavily expanded the agent base they have on board. This has allowed for initial customer interaction to be handled by a select group of highly trained individuals that pinpoint initial customer needs. Liberty Automotive Protection agents are experts on the consumer service agreements the firm offers and are able to help potential clients navigate the often complex world of consumer service agreements. “Our new batch of agents have spent weeks being trained on the ins and outs of the industry. Many of them have been hired form existing service agreement companies and have a deep understanding of the industry. We’ve ensured that they are the best possible representatives for our firm – they share our core values and have a full understanding of the products that we offer to clients,”the spokesperson said.

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